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Investment opportunity for Turkish businessmen from West Africa

Investment opportunity for Turkish businessmen from West Africa

Investment opportunity for Turkish businessmen from West Africa

06 Aralık 2019, 09:0816990

On the caravan routes from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, Sudan to the Segenal, Kano remains one of Nigeria's largest cities and important trade centers.

Dalhatu Abubakar, President of the Kano Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, said in a statement to the AA correspondent that Nigerians had commercial relations with the Turks on mutual trust and respect.


Nigeria's furniture from Turkey, utensils and food Abubakar striking imported many materials, especially, "When we look at today's office of some Nigerians in Turkey. Even if I'm selling in Nigeria to take doors and furniture from Turkey." used the phrase.


"There are quality products in Turkey"

To develop commercial relations between Turkey and Nigeria Kano Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture Chamber is transferring Abubakar ready, "There are quality products in Turkey, so the thickness of Nigerians edu much prefer Turkish products poop. Rooms Our cooperation with the Embassy of Turkey No matter if we introduce Turkey to the people engaged in commerce and more people go to Turkey. " commented.

two nations of Abubakar stressed the need to recognize each other for the development of relations between Turkey and Nigeria, "Turkey can get from Nigeria, Nigeria could get what from Turkey, they got to know. The people engaged in the trade of the two countries have taken a think very good step if you know them we are. " used the phrase.

President Abubakar also succeeded in transferring the relationships they establish with human trafficking and the Turkish people "did business with different people in Turkey very well," he said.


One of the oldest cities in Nigeria

Aliyu Mustafa, Vice President of Kano Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, stated that Kano, one of the oldest cities of its country, has a historical importance not only in Nigeria but also in Sub-Saharan Africa.




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